About HSR Technologies

We are on a mission, to make a difference. To help you see your vision realised on screen. We are passionate, committed, and skilled in our area of expertise. Our culture encourages open discussions at all stages of a project, to deliver you the value.

Meet the Team

Sandeep Kaur

Project Coordinator


We are always on the lookout for those rare birds that can innovate in ways that leave the rest of us breathless around the conference room table. If you have it in you, shoot your resume to hello@hsrtech.com.

Meet our founders

Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet K. Jain

Founder & COO

(Frontend developer)

Alok Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

(Frontend developer)

Alok Jain

How We Work

  • A kick off meeting to make sure that everybody in the team is on the same page, for project scope and its goals
  • Open house discussion where we all contribute towards the project plan
  • Each individual takes ownership of one’s role and tasks
  • Evaluate our work for set standards and best practices
  • Share coffee and lunch to celebrate

Founders story

  • 2001: They met and became friends
  • 2007: They get married
  • 2009: They were blessed with a baby boy named Yatharth
  • 2010: Jaspreet started XHTML-Lab (as a freelance frontend developer)
  • 2011: Alok left his job, and joined Jaspreet at XHTML-Lab(as a freelance frontend developer)
  • 2014: They purchased commercial space to build an office(started building a passionate team)
  • 2015: They remaned XHTML-Lab to HSR Technologies(because XHTML is replaced by HTML5)

A work relationship often begins with a small email.
Write to us for your questions if any, or to know more about our team, experience, or work process.

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