Shortcode to get page URLs

We usually need to add interlinking between different pages of a website. WordPress provides a wonderful mechanism to add links between pages. But sometimes we need more control over the links.

This shortcode makes it easy to find URL of a page, by it’s ID, Slug, or Title.

function easy_permalink($atts) {
        'id' => -1,
        'slug' => "",
        'title' => ""
    ), $atts));
    if ($id && $id != -1) {
        return get_permalink($id);
    } elseif($slug) {
        return get_permalink( get_page_by_path( $slug ) );
    } elseif($title) {
        return get_permalink( get_page_by_title( $title ) );
    } else {
        return "#";
add_shortcode('permalink', 'easy_permalink');

How to use:
<a href="[permalink id="9"]">Link Here</a>
<a href="[permalink slug="/about-us/careers/"]">Link Here</a>
<a href="[permalink title="Careers"]">Link Here</a>

Note: If you are not familiar with wordpress themes, you need to add this code in functions.php in your theme’s folder.