We work with you and our experiences live as if these are coded in our story.

Having worked with some of the best clients in the world over the years, you are so integral to our story.

Alok was passionate about pixel perfect design to screen conversion. As he was playing across layers and the code, the journey was more exciting with new things in HTML, web standards, and more devices. Things change, and Alok pivoted into core WordPress, gradually. This was the time when Jaspreet was designing amazing front-end experiences in another corridor.

The sunlight crossed one fine evening in the architecture and as their paths intersected, both of them noticed the synergy. Jaspreet had the energy and pace to complement Alok's passion for standards and semantic code practices. Together they decided to walk together, uphill and downhill, and thus unfolds our story.

When on the same table, they discuss:

  • How this design can change lives
  • How will they find this information
  • How does it meet ROI goals
  • Is it branded well enough
  • Will Google love it

And they move to respective tables. They grabs a coffee before Alok get into sketching for semantics and strategy, and Jaspreet gets into the real structure and code.

We are married to designing value-driven experiences, and not really to any device, technology, or process.

As we said earlier, our clients are part of our open story. And you got a chance to craft your own plot in this open story. Write to us, to talk about it.

We are small in team and big in our vision. Many product success stories started small, and we are so happy to give the platform to our clients, to validate their products for high growth goals. We take extreme pride in our headers, sidebars, and footers, on any device.