Should you upgrade to HTML5?

We all know that HTML5 is here now, and it’s here to stay. As HTML5 is yet in its development phase, it will take years to move on to the next version of HTML, also HTML5 is being developed keeping in mind all the requirements of today’s web development. So we can say the first important feature of HTML5 is that it’s future proof, for another 10-12 years at least and that’s really a big duration in the world of internet. (Also it is supported by old browsers also with help of a small JavaScript code.)

Let’s have a look at the other features that can help you decide should you upgrade to HTML5 today or not?

More meaningful markup + Added SEO Benefits: HTML5 have added few new elements in the quiver of HTML elements, these elements like header, section, nav, footer adds extra meaning to your markup. Screen readers and search engines can now better understand the various areas of your webpage, which helps in determining the importance of content. For example, a heading of article have more importance then a heading of footer, and with help of new HTML5 elements search engines can now understand which part of your web page is an article and which is a footer.

New APIs: The term APIs sounds more like a programming related term, but HTML5 has added a number of APIs which can be controlled with help of JavaScript to add life to your web applications. For example, you can now have accessible charts created on runtime in a HTML5 canvas with help of new canvas API. Or you can make your application available offline with HTML5’s storage API. There are much more like Drag & Drop, Geolocation, Audio, and Video, etc.

Mobile Support: One of the most exciting things about using HTML5 is that it is supported by all major Web Browsers too, that means if your markup is coded nicely it will work on all latest mobile phones. The Palm Pre, iPhone and the Google Android phone all have browsers that support HTML5.

Did this article helped you in taking a decision to upgrade your web pages to HTML5 today, or do you still have any other thoughts in mind? Share your thoughts with us, and we shall be happy to assist you in upgrading your web pages to HTML5 or clearing any doubts (if you still have them).